Alpha Course

Online Alpha Course starting Tuesday, March 9th, at 7 pm (running for 10 consequtive Tuesdays), to secure a place, please email

Ever had any burning questions about God? Faith? Life?

Here are is a link promoting our Alpha course

If you see or hear anything in the Youtube clip that makes you think about the big questions of life, then we believe you will enjoy this free opportunity to attend the Online Alpha course.

The Alpha course?

The trailer on YouTube will give you a feel for the gentle approach and professionalism of all the materials (to try to ignore the initial advert, hit SKIP on the right of the screen).

We start with dessert!

Talking of flavour, to add a bit of light-heartedness, we shall start the evening with a pudding or dessert as we make introductions (grab yours from your fridge and join the online chat). However, you may prefer not to activate your camera, if so; just choose one of the backgrounds or a still photo available on the Zoom application. The Zoom APP is available for download free of charge (if you click this link, you may need to check your Downloads folder to instal the app) if you need any help sorting this, let us know.

What should I expect?

After the initial introductions, we will all watch a short film together, before moving into smaller groups for discussion and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding the film clip (you may choose to just listen to others questions instead, that is OK too).  Alpha is a place where you can be yourself – where you can say what you think and challenge everything. Where no question is too complex or too simple and what your point of view is – is as important as anybody else. It is a journey together – an adventure to explore the questions of life, faith and meaning of life.

What next?

Here is a one minute video on Vimeo to give you a feel for the types of questions people have asked on the Alpha Course

All you have to do is register for the first evening, and we will send you a password and a direct link. Just email we definitely, guarantee you a warm welcome.

Sunday Service in Church Building

To book a place at the next Sunday Service, please contact us by email. We will be adhering to the current Government Safety Guidelines at our meetings. Please list the names of all the people who will be attending with you from your household (you will need to all sit together in your ‘bubble’).  Please email
Please include: Your Name & the names of those coming ‘in your bubble’; plus your phone number.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you don’t have email, you can ring our Administrator Betty 07501 674793 and she will take your booking.

Send us a message

If you have any questions about the church service, please email
If you have questions or issues you are grappling with and are looking for God, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. If you have any prayer requests, please go to our prayer request form or just contact us and we would be happy to pray for you.  Please email